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Hitachi Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.

Hitachi Architects & Engineers commands the leading technology in the industry and provides this technology to each stage in a building's lifecycle, from planning to preservation. HAE can provide the needed solution any customer selects us as a partner, not only by providing solutions for building planning and design based on our vast experience, but also by demonstrating high-level capabilities of on-site operation, maintenance and management.

Survey, analysis


HAE performs survey and analysis related to buildings. For example, we can calculate, evaluate and analyze all costs related to planning including the building costs. HAE can also provide degradation and earthquake resistance diagnoses for the creation of a business continuity plan. Additionally, we can provide environmental assessment, market trends by area or use, due diligence and feasibility studies at the conceptual planning stage.
  • Plot Selection
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Market Survey
  • Due Diligence
  • Facility Cost Study
  • Study of Existing Buildings/Site
  • Earthquake Resistance Diagnosis/Earthquake Resistance Reinforcement Design

Proposal, concept


Within the building planning process, HAE works together with our clients to plan and conceive the necessary items for implementing project planning. We can also pursue the various possibilities related to architecture in order to achieve the vision of the future and future goals as put forth by the customer, and provide the measures and planning to realize these possibilities.
  • Asbestos Investigation
  • Business Methods Study
  • Feasibility Study
  • Conditions Coordination
  • Cost Allocation
  • Master Schedule
  • Support for Permit/License Applications Including Development Permit and Building Certification
  • Relocation Consulting/Management

Planning, design


HAE, with our comprehensive design offices, provides specialized conceptural design personnel, matched with the needs of our customers, who work together with facilities and structural designers, applying their creative capabilities to propose and realize highly elaborate designs that are both functional and economical.
  • CASBEE (Building Environmental Efficiency) Certification
  • Conceptural Design
  • Structural Design
  • Earthquake Resistance Diagnosis/Earthquake Resistance Reinforcement Design
  • Facilities Design
  • HAE Special Technology for Facilities Design
  • Interior Design and Color Planning
  • Vegetation Planning
  • Disaster/Evacuation Planning
  • Energy Efficiency Planning
  • Security Planning
  • Master Planning
  • Master Design
  • Implementation Design
  • Permit/License Applications Including Building Certification
  • Construction Estimates/Contracts
  • Construction Supervision

Placing orders, contracts


As architectural design professionals, we can substitute for our customers in performing all aspects from bidding preparation to contract signing, as well as project execution management. Additionally, we can reduce construction costs throughout this process.
  • Procurement Support
  • Negotiation/VE

Supervision, delivery


While performing construction work to make design drawings a reality, HAE performs administrative operations from the point of view of “craftsmanship” as an architectural office, and with an objective and strict standpoint so as to ensure thorough product quality. When construction is completed, we also provide verification and support for submitting various documents (drawings and certificates) in order to use the building safely and comfortably.
  • Design Supervision
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Inspection for Construction Supervision
  • Hand-Over Operations Support

Maintenance, preservation


Buildings and other properties require rational management and maintenance from a business strategy perspective. HAE was created as a subsidiary of the Hitachi Ltd. to perform planning, design, administration and preservation of Hitachi Group facilities (such as plants, R&D facilities and welfare facilities). By adopting standpoints from both the “builder” and “user” sides, we accumulated original technology and know-how. We especially utilize our abundant experience and proven results in maintenance and supervision to provide support for rational management and operation/maintenance of facilities.
  • Facilities Asset Management System
  • Creation of Engineering Report
  • LCM



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