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Hitachi Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.

Consulting in Support of Global Construction Projects Provided by HAE

Our extensive experience and proven track record in international projects will lead your project to certain success.

Today, there are a great number of companies with operation in multiple countries and regions. As globalization continues to increase, it is not unusual that differences in business environments and values have a great affect on project.
The most efficient method to respond to environments and regulations different from those existing in Japan is to create a cooperative system together with a partner rich in corresponding experience.
HAE have provided consulting for overseas construction projects from the earliest stages, assisting in various corporate/organization overseas projects, and led these projects to great success.

There are many things that must be done when advancing into foreign markets.
With a limited amount of team members and time, and conditions changing depending on the country, even with experience starting up projects in foreign countries, it certainly would not be inefficient to allow HAE to perform all necessary functions for you. HAE has teams dedicated to supporting construction projects for advancing into foreign markets.
Please consider utilizing our services.

Utilize HAE Proven Results and Know-How

If you are advancing your company into overseas markets, the most important issue is how fast you can get your production/service systems in place and operating. The shortest path to achieve your objectives in this regard is to accurately understand the local conditions and by skillfully using valuable experience of a company that has already advanced into overseas markets.
Please consider utilizing the storehouse of know-how we have accumulated at HAE for your projects related to advancing into foreign markets.

Utilizing a Global Network as a Foundation

HAE has 40 years of experience in consulting services in support of over 170 construction projects of companies advancing into foreign markets in regions including the Middle East, North America, Europe and Asia. From this accumulated know-how, we can provide thorough on-site support services regardless of the type of project for companies in all fields who are planning to advance into foreign markets.

Proven Results in All Regions


We can cover any region and project scale. Please feel free to contact us about anything.

Efficient Support in Japan/Worldwide


Support in Japan
  • We hold detailed meeting within Japan with customers to gather together necessary specification, focused mainly on production facilities, into “Basic Design Specifications”.
  • The drawings created by our on-site design office are thoroughly reviewed at our Japanese headquarters, after that instructions for the required revisions and addition of detailed drawings are made.
On-site Support
  • HAE performs negotiations with industrial parks and related government agencies in collaboration with our on-site design office.
  • We also manage items on-site, such as design changes, cost increases/decreases and scheduling, in place of our customers.

Flow and Support Contents from Building Design/Planning to Completion




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