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Hitachi Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.

China subsidiary: click here for Hitachi Architects & Engineers (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. official website.

We bring Japanese-style quality management to construction projects in China by cooperating with the local staffs, who are well-trained at the construction situation in China, and richly-experienced project managers in Japan.

1:Planning and conception stage

We arrange project objectives and conditions, conduct feasibility study for executions, and propose optimized project execution plans.

  • Creation of project objectives
  • Set out given conditions
  • Feasibility study for project executions
  • Proposal of project standards (requirements specification)
  • Proposal of project execution plans


2:Designing stage

By appointing appropriate project manager in house, designs and specifications to satisfy project requirement will be implemented.

  • Provision of specification for construction design execution
  • Assistance to appoint design institute
  • Verification and confirmation of construction design
  • Overview and direction of progress and quality control
  • Cost management and value engineering proposals


3:Ordering stage

We probe into the optimal ordering system for the target project and provide assistance to ensure a transparent selection of builders.

  • Examination of ordering system and assistance to the selection of builders
  • Creation of construction contract
  • Organizing on-site meetings as tender process
  • Evaluation of tenders submissions with studying of value engineering proposals
  • Assisting contract document preparation


4:Construction stage

We perform on site management to accomplish a construction project strictly adhering to the quality and time frame defined by construction plans, together with properly managing additional claims lodged by contractors.

  • Observation of Quality controls and giving instructions
  • Observation of progress and placing timely instruction
  • Change order management including evaluation of additional claim by contractors
  • Implementation of midterm and final inspections
  • Management of work hand over procedures


5:Operation stage

By providing optimal operation plans for facilities, and propose maintenance management plan for minimize building lifecycle costs.

  • Formulation of long-term repair plans
  • Assistance to selection of maintenance managers
  • Defect liability examination, counseling and inspection
  • Fixed assets
  • Fixed asset ledger maintenance
  • Diagnosis for degradation, seismic capacity and BCM (Business Continuity Management)




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